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after the Dutch Conquest in the beginning of this century. Anyway many of them survive as respected patrons of arts and traditions. Their palaces called "Puri" are cultural centers from early times up to the present day. Surviving high-stylized forms of art, dance, music, and handicrafts are based on the old Hindu epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabarata and also on local folklores.Bali is a volcanic island with a chain of mountains which runs east west in its center. Mount Agung, 3142 meters, the highest peak of Bali, dominates the landscape, and therefore considered sacred as holy abode of the Gods. Terraced rice fields that enhance the island's beautiful scenery, can be found every where as the most striking feature of the landscape. As only the recently planted rice have to be given most care, villagers have much free time. They spend their free time in these arts or music and dances that are learned inside their own families and passed from one generation to the next one in the community. It seems that everybody masters any form of arts, whether as a painter, sculptors, woodcarvers, basket weavers, puppet and mask carver, dancer, musicians, or simply as offering's makers. Daily offering's are placed at home, on the grounds, on the roads, in the rice fields and in the temples to placate the spirits.Today, the Balinese welcomes tourism, which is beneficial to a country seeking to promote an understanding of its heritage. And Nuansa Bali Exotica Prima is proud to take part in attaining this goal. Our Balinese tour guides know well that it is their duty to share their knowledge for the benefit of our people and also of our guests.

Bali Only 5632 square kilometers in size, Bali is one of 13.676 islands that form Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world. With 3 millions inhabitants, the island of Bali is one of the most densely populated island with an average density of 510 people per kilometer square. Bali only separated by the 3-kilometres Bali strait from Java, is a world into itself. Its distinct culture, unique arts and ceremonies, friendly smiling people and scenic views make Bali as an island almost unreal in today's material world.Bali's culture is based on its unique form of Hinduism called "Hindu Bali" which have survived despite of the "islamization" of Java, its powerful neighbor. Religion is the source of life and very essential to the identity of the Balinese and to their pattern of life. With a completely different lifestyle from the rest of Indonesia, the Balinese have managed to preserve their culture despite the overwhelming foreign influences brought by the increasing number of visitors. From the moment the first European set foot on Bali, glowing reports began to filter back to the west and up to the present day, there is no comparable travel destination like Bali. Balinese "rajas" and princes lost their political power

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